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Group Organization Chart


  • Man/Hours

    24.000 Engineering Hours per Year

    100.000 Installers Hours per Year

    Company Certifications:

    Certified Partner of the the major manufacturers of Technological Systems

    Men Certifications:

    Many of the major manufacturers of technological systems like Cisco, Honeywell, Alcatel, Motorola....


    Site Designers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Experts, Warehouses, Means, Tools, Transport, Documents Translation in Italian, Spanish, French, English and Arabic..

  • Who We Are

    leader in the ICT sector

    1Leader in the ICT sector with over 30 years experience, together to his partners, including: Cisco; HP; Microsoft; TE; Panduit; Honeywell; Alcatel; Motorola and many others.
    Gruppomega with its subsidiaries (FGT, NTE, GRM) has an international presence and partners able to operate in a capillary way.


    over 30 years experience

    2Gruppomega was founded in 1980 as center of research and experimentation within the Information & Communication Technology sector.

    Over the years it has grown to become a partner able to satisfy any need of ICT world.


    Loyalty and Transparency

    3It all begins with the desire to honor the work and honor the work and the company through deep loyalty and transparency in business.
    The change is an integral part of good companies but the ability to change everything while keeping those values, represents the successful companies.


    Our target

    4Our target is to offer Data-Voice & Security Turn-Key Systems, Services & Solutions to the world of the enterprise and public administration.

    Gruppomega intend to satisfy all contractor's requirements in a productive, safe and effcient way thanks to the experience gained over more than thirty years.
    Gruppomega presents itself as partner for the design, construction and maintenance of Technological Infrastructures.

    • Thinking about the information technology culture. as the basis for the social and economic progress.

    • Thanks to its strong experience, Gruppomega guarantees the integration simplifying each system and shapes the best and safest solution for any contractor's requirement.